To any that come across this website, please note this Guild has been disbanded, having spent 4 years of my life playing this game off and on, its time to get my life back and do something more constructive than living in an online world, over the 4 years I played this game since i created it in 2013, ive rebuilt it twice, there was never going to be a 3rd time. On a personal note i feel I have lot more time now, things I had put off doing in my house I have ample time to finish off and I feel alot better for it. Theres still an initial weirdness as i transition from spending most of my real life time in an online world to spending my time in the real world. 

I am Glad its done though and feel stronger for it, recent events, realy showed me how loyal people were to our Guild and how valued my time spent on it was , so 'thankyou' for helping me understand that, to the people ive met along the way, good luck to you as you move forward in life, and if at times something seems bad, remember nothing is ever as bad as it seems, there is always 2 sides to a story and its important you learn to understand that as you go forward in life.


Best wishes